Southwest Minneapolis Stucco and Trim Renovation

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Southwest Minneapolis Stucco and Trim Renovation

Refinished stucco home in south Minneapolis


This cute bungalow in the Kenny neighborhood of Minneapolis was in need of a complete exterior renovation.  The existing stucco had been painted, so we first needed to sandblast the home to remove the paint.  We then installed aluminum to all of the trim on the doors and windows, and covered the soffit and fascia with whit aluminum, too.  There were several stucco repairs that were necessary once the trim work was completed, including areas where the roof flashing was corrected to ensure proper drainage.

Once the stucco repairs and trim were complete, we applied a new two-coat stucco finish to the entire home.  We used a knock-down dash texture, and a warm gray color to contrast the white trim.  The end result was a beautiful, low-maintenance exterior on this great Minneapolis home.  The homeowner was very pleased with the new stucco and trim, and the durability of the stucco and trim will keep her happy for many, many years!


Front of Minneapolis Stucco Home


Rear of refinished stucco on southwest Minneapolis home